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Dog Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Dog Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

  • WHY BUY THIS: Two swabs are provided for you to collect skin cells from the inside of your dog’s cheek. Let them dry and send your dog’s sample back to the lab.
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With a simple cheek swab you can do at home, Wisdom Panel uses the most accurate breed identification method under patent today. Wisdom Panel tests for over 250 breeds types and varieties – the most of any test on the market – including 99% of those in the AKC registry.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 tests for the potentially life-saving MDR1 mutation. Dogs with this mutation can be at risk for adverse reactions to some very common drugs. You can share your results with your veterinarian and together, plan for the safe treatment of your dog.

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Mail Your Sample

Using the prepaid shipping container, seal and send your dog’s sample back to the lab. We’ll let you know as soon as we get it.