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Selfie Sticks & Cell Phone Tripods

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monkey Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are ideal gadgets for family gatherings, graduations, nights out, hiking trips, holidays, and many other occasions. They will make the ideal gift ideas for your friends or families who love taking photos and capturing memories for life.

Have you been wondering what’s the best gift idea for your daughter’s birthday, or your anniversary, or a co-worker?

Some say that these selfie sticks are one of the coolest little gadgets you’ll ever come across in quite awhile!

Some of the new selfie designs can also act as little tripods, or something similar, to hold your phone so that you could take pictures or videos with it. The way they fit together in such a compact form, yet quickly and easily extends for use as a selfie stick or tripod, is simply ingenious.

Also, they usually come with a tiny remote that detaches and functions as a shutter release through the use of Bluetooth.

How about a gift for your son’s graduation, or grandma’s retirement, or your best friend’s wedding?

No Need For A Separate Selfie Stick And Tripod

Choose one that is highly adjustable and has removable mount, guaranteeing you will have universal compatibility for your phone and other devices. Plus, a built-in tripod base allows for more flexibility and variety of pictures.

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Compatible with the Latest iPhone and Android

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